Code a Components Guidelines
A Component is an entirely customizable contract. Even its initialization mode can change.
With this in mind, we recommend using Components built with the Factory-compliant architecture we have developed. They can be cloned from a Factory model contract and initialized via that Factory.
These Components have a secure and general-purpose design and can be reused by an infinite number of Guilds. Anyone can create their own Component Factories, and code them with fee-based business models that automatically generate revenue for them when used by others. All Factories are part of a communal codebase, from which anyone can draw to build on top of EthereansOS.
Factory-capable components also have a Constructor, which allows them to be cloned and initialized manually in the traditional way (i.e without a Factory).
A Guild made of Factory-capable Components, each with a separate initialization method, is easier to maintain and upgrade; a problematic Component can simply be replaced by an upgraded version of itself, without compromising the entire Guild.
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