State Manager
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IStateManager, LazyInitCapableElement
StateEntry[] and LazyInitCapableElement init data
The stateManager is a passive (i.e inactive) Component; while attached to an organization, it can't write on any other Components, nor on the Organization's core. When called by the core or other Components, it performs operations on itself.
It represents the Organization database and can be used to write and read multiple data types.
Each data is represented by a StateEntry struct, composed as follows:
  • key string -> the key associated with the variable in string format; can be input with the one you like.
  • entryType -> the type of the variable (bool, int, uint, string, etc..).
  • Value -> the value of the variable to save ("true/false" for bool; "0x..." for an address; "test" for a string; etc.)
Anyone can read the State Manager, but only authorized Components (i.e linked active ones) can write on it.
The State Manager supports adding and removing data in batch mode; myriad data can be added or removed in a single transaction.
The key operation for a variable resembles that of a Component; each key can corresponds to only one variable. Each variable is strongly typed; each can be saved only as one type. For example, variable "x", if saved as int, can't be saved as uint on the same key; to do that, the variable "x"must first be re
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