Exploring the Unknown

New Tools Are Imperative

With respect to governance and values, we believe dApps need to liberate themselves from dependency on a well-known entity like how Ethereum did.
When we began working on this project, we asked ourselves if today’s challenge in the dApp ecosystem was really just about use cases. What about building the tools to develop independent dApps in a more inclusive and efficient way?

"In crypto, there is one feature that has never existed before and that's TRUST!...

...You don't have to trust the government or Twitter and Facebook or the other people on the network, you just have to trust math."

Ben Horowitz
The new killer feature on Ethereum is replacing the trust we give to Corporations with the censorship-resistant code of General Purpose Protocols.

EthOS Works Better With No Owner

Our aim with EthOS governance is to lose our control as founders, and become just one of the teams that works to improve the protocol, like how the Ethereum Foundation is one of the teams that works on Ethereum, but doesn't own Ethereum.
“We can prevent Corporate Capture in the Web3, if we focus our attention on the natural advantages of the Web3: Service and Governance have to happen on a Decentralised and Multi-Jurisdictional Basis"
Vlad Zamfir

Decentralized Governance is a new R&D field, in which the goal is to reinvent Human coordination.

The Big Bet

Everything on top of Ethereum is way better than web2 thanks to its cryptoeconomics.

But do we really need this level of decentralization if we use it just to trust new companies?

🔥 Hell No! 🔥

It's time to challenge the true potential of Ethereum! Let's R&D something crazy!

A Strategy to Lose Control as Founders

We have scheduled a step by step strategy to do this from now until DFOhub’s 1.0 release.
We have to start our journey with control of the situation. Otherwise, due to the speculative human soul of anonymous people, we might not finish it, and never realize our master plan.

Keep in Mind

We encourage every EthOS Token holder and contributor that doesn't feel at home with this strategy, culture and manifesto to sell his tokens and invest in other projects with different visions and principles.

This R&D is not focused on the short-term