The Etherean Culture Manifesto

We are discovering new ways to create and govern On-Chain Enterprise-Free Organizations and we're helping others to do the same. We have come to 3 Values and 7 Principles:

Independence Over Control

1.1 On-Chain Self-Sovereign Governance

We believe every dApp related company must be On-Chain and not like traditional ones, which have well-known pitfalls.

1.2 Token Ownership

We believe that Token holders must have full ownership of the protocol and its future, without any kind of external control or dictate. Basically, nobody controls the keys except them.

Flexibility over Rigidity

2.1 Microservices - Lego Contracts

We believe in a microservice-based layer that everyone can verify and debug.

2.2 C.R.U.D. Concept (Changes)

We believe that every Smart Contract must be tested, debugged and fixed without the need to compromise and fork the dApp.

2.3 Trust the Math

We believe that everything can be verifiable.

Openness over Trust

3.1 Decentralized Research and Development

We believe that Research and Development must be done anonymously from multiple communities. Math is key and people with reputation are distractions.

3.2 Anonymous Protocols

We believe in a decentralized protocol controlled by unknown token holders that don’t need to know each other.

3.3 Unstoppable Applications

We believe that every dApp must survive and live independently from the issuers.