Wrapped ITEMs from ERC20

There exists one single collection for all present (and future) ERC20s. Its address can be found interacting with the KnowledgeBase, through the function erc20Wrapper() external view returns(address);

To wrap some ERC20 amount, you need to call the function mint(address erc20TokenAddress, uint256 amount) external returns (uint256 objectId, address wrapperAddress); passing the address of the ERC20 token and the amount you need to wrap. You of course also need to call the approve(address spender, uint256 amount); ERC20 standard method to authorize the transfer.

If the token has not already been added to the Collection, you will receive a brand new objectId. If the token is already present inside the ERC20 Collection, no new objectId will be generated, since there’s already a usable one.

When viewed as a part of a Collection or as an ERC20, each item will always have 18 supported decimals.

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