Collections Metadata Standards

Here you can find an example of Metadata json standard, using the ETHITEM front-end best practices:

    "image": "",
    "image_data": "",
    "description": "dasdasd",
    "background_color": "#72ca07",
    "discussionUri": "",
    "externalDNS": "",
    "externalENS": "",
    "repoUri": "",
    "name": "asd",
    "symbol": "asd",
    "decimals": 1,
    "hasDecimals": false,
    "originalCreator": "0x748B2D8E120508B23929a6E17387bE7ED418F62D",
    "extensionAddress": "0x748B2D8E120508B23929a6E17387bE7ED418F62D",
    “extensionCode”: “allthextesioncodeifitsacontract”,
    "external_url": "asd.itempesta.eth",
        "license_url": "ipfs://ipfs/QmbJWAESqCsf4RFCqEY7jecCashj8usXiyDNfKtZCwwzGb"

--- “Image_data”: Raw SVG image data for if you want to generate images on the fly (not recommended). Only use this if you're not including the image parameter. [NFT Shared Standard] [optional]

--- “description”: A human-readable description of the item. Markdown (and raw HTML) is supported. [NFT Shared Standard] [Mandatory]

--- “background_color”: Background color of the item. Must be six-character hexadecimal without a pre-pended #. [NFT Shared Standard] [mandatory]

--- “discussionUri”: Optional URL to a communication channel (Discord, Telegram, Riot, etc…) related to the collection. [optional]

--- “externalDNS”: Collection homepage on the Web-2 [optional]

--- “externalENS”: Collection homepage on the Web-3 [optional]

--- “repoUri”: URL to a VCS repository of the project (i.e. GitHub, GitLab, GitTea, etc…) [optional]

--- “name”: Name of the collection. [NFT Shared Standard] [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “Symbol”: Ticker/Symbol of the collection [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “Decimals”: Amount of decimals supported by the Collection [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “hasDecimals”: True if during the creation wizard of a collection you enable support for 18 decimals, else false. [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “originalCreator”: address of the collection creator. [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “extensionAddress”: Address of the extension [mandatory] [wizard]

--- “extensionCode”: String containing the source code for the extension [mandatory only if the extensionAddress points to a contract] [wizard]

--- “external_url”: URL Subdomain.item.eth [wizard]

--- “license_url”: IPFS link to the license file

Note: When passing the JSON externally it should follow this same approach (aka start with the IPFS protocol) ipfs://ipfs/QmVyPrsDrfwRbJgZYy1mRmb5qYPpPJFx2CUxPMTCoUmv6V

This requirement guarantees total compatibility with NFT Shared Standards. This should be the form followed by the URI returned by the “uri()” method.

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