EthITEM Organization

ETHITEM is a new Decentralized Flexible Organization (DFO). Thanks to the DFOhub standard, the ETHITEM dApp is entirely independent from any off-chain entity. The $ARTE voting token is the programmable equity of the ETHITEM DFO; $ARTE holders hold real equity of the protocol, and rule every part of its code and assets.


The ETHITEM DFO will be able to vote on two small possible fees for minting/burning ITEMs.

In the beginning, ETHITEM fees are set to 0, but once DFOhub upgrades to v0.5, $ARTE token holders will be able to vote via a subDAO to set a fee between 0.0001% and 0.01% for the creation/wrapping and/or burning/unwrapping of ITEMs.

From the DFOhub v0.5 update onward, the earnings of the ETHITEM DFO will be managed by token holders via code-based proposals at the DFO level and via subDAO applications on top.

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