is an on-chain operating system to build on top of Ethereum, a general-purpose platform for governance, development, decentralized finance, tokens and everything else made possible by the network.


Learn why Factories are a game-changer for coding on Ethereum, and how to create one using the Factory of Factories.
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Learn about the Item standard, a new token standard for Ethereum that synthesizes and advances on the ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 standards.


Learn about EthOS Guilds, and why they are everything DAOs promised to be and more. Sophisticated and governable 100% on-chain, they are the first organizations that are truly decentralized without compromise.
Especially when used in tandem with the rest of the EthOS platform, the Guilds protocol can also serve as a general secure base layer for coding any kind of service or application on Ethereum.


Learn about Covenants, a suite of general-purpose decentralized financial applications built on top of the first every fully on-chain AMM Aggregator.
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