Sending Reward Tokens to the Extension

Send Reward Tokens to the Extension

The Extension must receive at least enough tokens needed to reward every setup created for the contract. If not, the setups will be correctly created within the contract, but cannot be activated.

If any reward tokens are from a reserve, it is best practice to deploy the contract and the extension and then immediately send to the extension the minimum amount of reward tokens to activate all setups.

If the host is a wallet or similar, simply send the required amount of reward tokens manually via a transfer function (or simply transfer the tokens to the extension address using a provider such as Metamask).

If the host is an Organization and it uses the Farming Manager Component, it can directly send the required token amount from the Organization TreasuryManager to the Farming contract.

If the host is a DAO or other type of project, you must use your appropriate procedure to transfer the tokens to the extension contract.

After the extension has received the tokens, the host does not need to then manually transfer them to the farming contract. This will happen automatically when the setup(s) are activated.

See the Activate/Deactivate section for more details.

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