Knowledge Base

Generally speaking, an organization is agnostic about itself. It doesn't 'know' what its components are, nor do its components 'know' each other. However, the core and the components do share a 'knowledge base', which allows them to communicate, work and make targeted calls together easier.

The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a set of libraries dedicated to a specific organization. These literally mold the information highways of its organizational structure, allowing the core and its Components to communicate with and interact with each other; the knowledge base is the means through which the Organization can be said to 'know' itself, and provides a concrete mapping for developers to more easily navigate, interact with and modify its architecture.

They represent utility codes that can be used to code parts of the Root Layer.

We currently provide two different knowledgeBase contracts.

The first one concerns:

  • Treasury Manager

  • Proposal Manager

  • Microservices Manager

The second one concerns:

  • Treasury Splitter Manager

  • SubDAO Manager

  • Delegations Manager

  • Investments Manager

You can code your own KnowledgeBase library according to your project's needs.

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