Organizations Learn

EthereansOS Organizations are everything DAOs promised to be and more. Sophisticated and governable 100% on-chain, they are the first Organizations that are truly decentralized without compromise.

Especially when taken alongside the other EthereansOS protocols, the Organizationsprotocol can serve as a highly secure general base layer for coding any kind of application or service on Ethereum.

Organizations is an on-chain permission protocol, to manage Human coordination and trust for Ethereans citizens.

With Organizations, Ethereans can rule funds, protocols, political parties, grants, and more in a new powerful way

EthereansOS hosts three kinds of Organizations:

Organizations are multi-layered permission system-based architecture. An Organization represents the perfect vehicle to carry out the technological development of your project and to make economic/financial decisions setting up custom granular rules for each part of the protocol. All decisions are voted on and automatically executed through Proposals, i.e. code execution requests that once passed, directly execute the code without the intervention of trusted human beings.

Delegations act as Political Parties that compete for token holders’ support to win the grant money set aside for them by the attached Organizations. Delegations help the growth of an Organization and its ecosystem and they can have different purposes, such as marketing, organizing tech hackathons, creating popular content, R&D, and much more.

A Vault consists of a set of signatory addresses that have the permission to approve transactions for storing, and sending funds from the Vault treasury, and to execute any kind of code being able to call external smart contracts. Vaults provide enhanced security and allow for trustless escrow transactions. A Vault can serve as the baseline to manage an entire, more or less decentralized, application.

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