Here you can learn how an Organization works at the smart contracts level. Organizations are multi-layered permission system-based architecture. An Organization represents the perfect vehicle to carry out the technological development of your project and to make economic/financial decisions setting up custom granular rules for each part of the protocol. All decisions are voted on and automatically executed through Proposals, i.e. code execution requests that once passed, directly execute the code without the intervention of trusted human beings.

Be sure to read the Guilds Protocol v0.5 section first to get a complete understanding of how the Guilds Protocol works.

A bird's eye view of the Root Layer of an Organization.

The Root Layer is where developers preside. Here they can not only execute code (as elsewhere), but also add, replace and remove code

The Governance Layer is composed of one or more subDAOs where holders can take financial and economics decisions

Discover some of the already developed Components you can add and use in your Organization. Each of the Components unlocks one or more features for your Organization

Discover the Proposals already developed that you can use in your Organization. Everyone can develop their own Proposals according to their needs

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