Allowed and Blacklisted Delegation Factories

A DelegationsManager allows its Organization to ban a specific Delegation (look at the previous page) and to blacklist Factories that clone Delegations. If a Factory is blacklisted, all Delegations cloned from that Factory cannot attach to the Organization's DelegationsManager.

Blacklisting Delegation Factories After DelegationsManager Contract Initialization

Delegation Factories can be blacklisted using the setFactoriesAllowed function is used:

function setFactoriesAllowed(address[] memory factoryAddresses, bool[] memory allowed) external;

As input, the function takes:

  • address[] factoryAddresses -> these are the addresses of the Factories (both new or previously registered) to either allow or blacklist.

  • bool[] allowed ->this is a boolean value that, for each passed address, represents if the Factory is to now be allowed (true) or blacklisted (false).

It is important to note that if a Factory is blacklisted while one of its delegations is attached to the DelegationsManager, it is not automatically detached. If the organization wants to detach that Delegation, they must use the remove or ban function.

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