Farming Uniswap V3

Farming Uniswap v3 allows anyone to create customizable Farming contracts using pools on Uniswap v3.

You can choose:

  • Uniswap v3 price curve to use

  • Pool

  • Reward token

  • Setup duration and start block

  • The number of times to automatically renew the finished setup

  • The minimum amount of staking tokens

Learn how the Farming protocol works.

Learn how the Farming Extension works, how it interacts with the Farming contract. and why the Extension makes Farming safe for users.

Learn how the Treasury works, it represents the place where unissued tokens are sent by the Farming contract.

Learn how to create your custom Farming setup and modify it. A Farming setup is highly customizable, you can decide for example the reward token, the duration, the AMM to use etc..

Learn how to open and manage your Farming positions. Using Farming Uniswap V3, you can create Free farming positions.

Learn how to code your own Farming Extension according to your needs.

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