Proposal Manager

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IProposalManager, LazyInitCapableElement

_collections, _objectIds, _weights, _canTerminateAddresses, _validatorsAddresses and LazyInitCapableElement init data​

As an active component, the Proposal Manager is linked to an organization and can write on the organization as well as the organization's other components by executing Proposal code.

Proposals, if they pass, automatically execute code without having to have the intervention of the team or anyone else. This is the big difference between the Proposals of an Organization and the polls of a normal DAO where you always have to trust the team to do what is written in the Proposal.

A root layer organization's Proposal Manager is its only access point for external sources; it is the only contract of the organization with a function that can be called by external actors (if the Governance rules allow it). This function is the creation of a Proposal.

The Proposal manager supports the ERC20, ERC1155, and Item standards, and allows for the creation of Proposals that can be voted on with any combination of the three.

The Proposal Manager--and therefore the organization--supports multiple governance tokens with varying, definable voting power weights, enabling a highly flexible and customizable governmental apparatus.

The Proposal Manager allows for the implementation of a Vertical Permission Layer. To learn more about this, see the next page.

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