References and useful resources

At the following link you can find the tests performed on the Items v2 protocol. The javascript tests provide working and reusable code for developers to test the functioning of Items v2 and to integrate Items v2 in their Frontend.

The tests are divided as follows:

  • itemv2-core -> Item v2 core protocol tests and MultiOperatorExtension tests

  • itemv2-projections-native -> Native Extension tests

  • itemsv2-projections-ERC1155Wrapper -> Wrapper Items 1155 tests

  • itemsv2-projections-ERC721Wrapper -> Wrapper Items 721 tests

  • itemsv2-projections-ERC20Wrapper -> Wrapper Items 20 tests

  • itemv2-deck-721 -> Deck Items 721 tests

  • itemv2-deck-721 -> Deck Items 1155 tests

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