AMM Aggregator

The core of Covenants is the on-chain AMM aggregator. With only one line of code, any dapps or organizations can use it for multi-AMM farming, token inflation, and other functionalities. All other aggregators — 1inch, for example — operate semi on-chain. While excellent at finding the best prices for trades, they process all transactions via their off-chain frontends. The AMM Aggregator provides a set of fully on-chain, general-purpose DeFi APIs that any dApp can use to integrate the Aggregator, and thus exploit its full potential. Covenants is built on the AMM Aggregator but any developer can build his own application integrating the AMM Aggregator. This is the technical documentation, read the Covenants Learn section first.

Learn how the on-chain AMM Aggregator works and why it is different from other Aggregators.

Learn how to integrate the Aggregator into your application using all supported AMMs without having to write ad-hoc integrations for each one.

Learn how to integrate the Aggregator using JavaScript and web3.js

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