Organizations Documentation

Welcome to the Organizations section.

Welcome to the Organizations Documentation section.

This is the technical documentation for devs, read the Organizations Learn if you want a general overview.

Organizations Protocol v0.5

A bird's eye view of the current iteration of the EthereansOS Organizations protocol.

Learn about the Root Layer of an Organization, where developers preside. Here they can not only execute code (as elsewhere), but also add, replace and remove code.

Learn about the Governance Layer, where holders of the Organization's governance token preside. Here they can help manage the Organization via subDAOs, over which they wield exclusive and unimpeachable control.

Learn about a variety of adjunct Components that can be linked to an Organization.

Find a sampling of Proposals that can be used to help govern an Organization.

Learn how Delegations work. Delegations compete to receive funding from an Organization to spend on projects that bring benefits to the Organization's token holders.

Learn how MultiSig Organizations work. A MultiSig can execute any kind of code, not just that of pre-fixed functionalities, using off-chain signatures to approve the operations. You can define a minimum number of addresses and keys to authorize a transaction. One can be used in more complex ways, or even as a base layer for an application.

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