Routines contracts can be used to automate token supply inflation, treasury management, and any other financial operation that needs to be executed in precise, block-based intervals.
The protocol can mainly be used to manage the inflation of a token but, from a wider point of view, it is a tool of fundamental importance to manage the entire tokenomics of a project. This is the technical documentation, read the Covenants learn first.

​How Routines works​

Learn how the Covenants Routines works and what operations you can use it to perform.
Learn how the Routines protocol works and how to create your own Routines contract to execute operations.

​Routines Extension​

Learn how the Routines Extension works and how to use it.

​Execute Operation​

Learn how the Routines protocol executes required operations.
Learn how to code your own custom Extension according to your needs.
Learn how to interact with the Routines protocol using JavaScript and web3.js