Governance Token

Create and use a token as the programmable equities of an on-chain Organization

An on-chain Organization that has a Proposal Manager such as that of a DFO or sub-DAO, can have multiple voting tokens in the following standards:

  • ETH

  • ERC-20,

  • ERC-1155,

Each supported voting token can have a specific voting weight associated with it. Consequently, the weighted value of a vote in a Proposal is equal to 1*weight of that specific token.

How to create a voting token?

A voting token can be created by following the organization creation wizard via either the EthereansOS platform interface or via the Item creation interface (coming soon). It can also be freely deployed in any other way.

Once created, for it to work with the organization, it must be set as supported by the Proposal Manager during the initialization of the ProposalManager contract, defining its weight at this time.

Later, if so desired, supported tokens (and their weights) can be added, updated and removed via Proposals, using the setVotingRules function.

Using an existing token

An organization can decide to use as its governance token any token at all (of the ERC20, ERC1155 and Item standards) already deployed on the Ethereum network.

Token hosting

If your Organization at the Root or Governance level, needs to mint the governance token (or one of the supported governance tokens), the Organization must have the right to mint the token.

For example, if your Organization has a subDAO such as a subDAO managing the Inflation it needs to mint the token to manage inflation and so this subDAO must have the right to mint the token.

In the case of Item, this means that the address of a subDAO, or another component of the Organization, must be the operator address with the right to mint defined in the Items Extension.

If your Organization, including all Components and functionalities, does not need to mint tokens you can simply use the tokens as tokens supported by the Proposal Manager.

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