Deploy your Factory

After coding your model contract and your Factory contract, you need to initialize and deploy it. You can deploy it normally like any smart contract or through the Factory-Of-Factories (it is a Factory deployer and aggregator).

But remember: only Factories deployed through the Factory-Of-Factories can have a fee-based business model!

The Factories deployed through the FoF are in fact automatically added to the EthereansOS platform interface and moreover, deploying your Factory using FoF allows you to easily make your Factory and the model contract available to other developers/projects by creating a shared codebase.

Learn how the Factory-of-Factories allow developers to deploy their Factories. Only Factories deployed through the FoF can implement a fee-based business models and are listed on the EthereansOs Factory frontend (coming soon)

Learn how to generate the bytecode of your Factory contract to deploy and initialize it through the Factory-of-Factories

Learn how to deploy a new Factory after you have already created one through FoF

Learn how to change the Metadata of a Factory after you have already deployed it

Learn how users can clone and initialize the model contract of your deployed Factory

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