Understanding Items

Items are perfectly interoperable tokens on top of Ethereum acting as ERC20s, ERC1155s with extra capabilities, maintaining backward compatibility with all applications based on the ERC20 and ERC1155.

This is the beginning of the technical documentation, before going deeper you should read the Items Learn page of introduction.

A general overview of the key components that make up the Item protocol.

Find out why the Item standard is necessary in the Ethereum ecosystem for the development of interoperable applications and the benefits it brings.

Learn about the Main Interface of the Item protocol and its intimate relationship with Item Collections.

​Learn about the Main Interface of the Item protocol and its relationship with the Interoperable Interfaces of Items.

Learn how an Item Collection can have an Extension, and how one can grant

Learn the differences and similarities between Native Items, Wrapped Items and Deck Items

Learn the difference between the new version of the Item protocol and the old one.

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