Factory-of-Factories (FoF)

Factory-of-Factories is currently deployed on Ethereum mainnet and Optimistic L2.

The Factory-of-Factories (FoF) is a Factory deployer and aggregator.

It allows a host address to deploy one or more Factories contracts and it keeps track of all the Factories deployed. The Factories deployed through the FoF are in fact automatically added to the EthereansOS platform interface (link coming soon).

Deploying your Factory using FoF allows you to easily make your Factory and the model contract available to other developers/projects by creating a shared codebase. Also using FoF introduces the possibility of inserting two possible fee-based business models in your Factory: 1) Creation fee. It's a fixed fee that a user must pay when cloning the model contract from the Factory. 2) Usage fee. It's a fixed or percentage fee that users must pay when using the cloned model contracts from the Factory.

Only Factories deployed through the Factory-of-Factories(FoF) can implement a fee-based business model.

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