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Create Your Own Factory

A Factory is a smart contract acting as a repository of a model contract that others can clone and implement for their own particular use-case. A cloned contract can be initialized with custom parameters and extended with a custom Extension contract for a variety of purposes, guaranteeing that no one can modify its core.
Devs can implement a real business model in their Factories and in the underlying model contracts, earning fees every time their contracts are cloned and/or used.
This is the beginning of the technical documentation, before going deeper you should read the Factories Learn page of introduction.


A bird's eye view of a Factory and why a developer should code one
Learn how the Factory of Factories (FoF) works and why is so important for the Factory approach being a Factory deployer and aggregator
Learn how to implement a real fee-based business model in your Factory and/or in the model contract that can earn you revenue
Learn how to code the Factory contract (with or without a business model) and the model contract
Learn how to deploy your Factory using the Factory-of-Factories
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