Extension Factory

Extension Factory code - Extension Factory address

The Extension Factory is the only Factory that can push new Extension models that users can use to host their Collection.

Actually, the Extension Factory has:

  • MultiOperatorHost Extension

  • Native Extension

  • Wrapper ERC20 singleton

  • Wrapper ERC721 singleton

  • Wrapper ERC1155 singleton

  • Deck ERC721

  • Deck ERC1155

Singleton contracts are deployed once and cannot be cloned by users

How It Works

The Extension Factory is hosted by the EthereansOS private team multi-sig, which can do two things:

  1. Add new clonable extension models

  2. Deploy singleton extensions such as Wrappers/Decks

Users can clone one of the Extension models and initialize it with specified initialization data.

Cloning an Extension

The extension models are Factory-capable smart contracts, which is to say that they can be created and initialized via a Factory.

To create one, the deploy function must be used:

function deploy(bytes calldata deployData) external payable override(Factory, IFactory) returns(address deployedAddress, bytes memory deployedLazyInitResponse)

To learn how to pass the Extensions initialization data look here for MultiOperatorHost and here for the Native Extension.

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