Here you can learn how a Delegation works at the smart contracts level. Delegations act as Political Parties that compete for token holders’ support to win the grant money set aside for them by the attached Organizations. Delegations help the growth of an Organization and its ecosystem and they can have different purposes, such as marketing, organizing tech hackathons, creating popular content, R&D, and much more.

Be sure to read the Guilds Protocol v0.5 section first to get a complete understanding of how the Guilds Protocol works.

Learn how Delegations work.

Learn about the Delegations Manager, which allows an Organization to have and manage Delegations. A Delegation can be linked to different Organizations.

Learn about Delegation Governance. Users can stake an Organization's governance tokens in a Delegation to obtain Delegation tokens, which can be used to vote on Delegation Proposals.

Learn about the Delegation Factory, which allows you to deploy and customize an entire Delegation according to your needs.

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