Delegations Proposals

A Delegation, as a subDAO verticalization, also has aProposalManager, which it uses to create, vote, and (if / when Proposals pass) execute Proposals at the Delegation level.

Through its Proposal Manager, a Delegation can make Proposals of five default types, defined by the DelegationProposals contract:

  1. DelegationsManagerAttacherProposal: this is a Proposal to attach the Delegation to the DelegationsManager of an Organization.

  2. DelegationTransferManagerProposal: this is a Proposal to manage the funds in the treasuryManager of the Delegation. There are effectively infinite ways this can be used. For example, to transfer the Delegation funds to an external source; and then, for example, spend them on a project that brings benefits to the organization the Delegation represents; and so on.

  3. VoteProposal: this is a Proposal to vote in a Proposal of Organization with the Organization's governance tokens held by the Delegation's Treasury Manager.

  4. DelegationChangeRulesProposal: this is a Proposal to change the Proposals governance rules of the Delegation itself.

  5. ChangeOrganizationUriProposal: this is a Proposal to change the Delegation Uri containing overall Metadata of the Delegation itself.

Each Delegation Proposal is a subDAO Proposal Model. Remember that a Delegation is a subDAO verticalization.

These five Proposal Models are created by the Delegation Factory that we (the EthereansOS team) have developed. Designed to be highly secure, Organizations can rest easy about Delegations that implement them. However, a Delegation that is deployed outside of our interface, or not using our Delegation Factory, can create its own additional Proposal types; but because an Organization will not have the same sense of security as they should with ours, it may be more likely to blacklist the Delegation.

The five Proposals above are the only ones that the Delegation ProposalManager can manage (if the Delegation is deployed using our Delegation Factory).

Proposal Models Governance Rules

As described here, each subDAO Proposal Model can have different governance rules.

In particular, regarding the five different Proposals that a Delegation can execute, these are the governance rules for each of them:






This means that DelegationsManagerAttacherProposal, DelegationChangeRulesProposal and ChangeOrganizationUriProposal are set as Host only while VoteProposal and DelegationTransferManagerProposal are initially set as Host + Holders.

The Governance Rules of VoteProposal and DelegationTransferManagerProposal can be changed by the host using the DelegationChangeRulesProposal Proposal.

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