An EthereansOS Organization is a composition of a Core and Components. It exists and can be governed 100% on-chain, establishing it as the first organizational infrastructure for Ethereum that is decentralized without compromise. Anyone can create and customize one for their own purposes.

Especially when taken alongside the other EthereansOS protocols, the Organizations v0.5 protocol can serve as a highly secure general base layer for coding any kind of application or service on Ethereum.

The Core is the base Organization contract and its repertoire of functionalities. It contains all the logic to retrieve, add, change or disable Organizations Components.

Components are independent smart contracts that can be linked to the Core through a plug and play system to provide the Organization with an assortment of features and functionalities.

However, the Core and the Components do not 'know' each other, and a Organization as a whole is, as a result, agnostic about itself. This design makes it extremely easy to assemble and reassemble the Organization's structure at any time, mixing and matching its parts in any way you see fit.

And because the Core and Components are built using our Factory contract system, it is also very easy to recycle the same ones for different Organizations. A Factory is a repository of a model contract that anyone can clone and customize for their own purposes. Anyone can create a Factory and allow its model contract to be used by others. Learn more about Factories here.

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