Modular Components

A bird's eye view of Organization Components.

Learn about the Treasury manager, which manages the Organization's funds, allowing it to receive, store and send tokens.

Learn about the Microservices Manager, which manages Organization's microservices. A microservice is a smart contract with code that can be executed to carry out something specific on or on behalf of the Organization. During execution, a microservice acts as an active one-time Component.

Learn about the State Manager, which represents an Organization's database, and can read and write multiple data types on the Organization.

Learn about the Knowledge Base, a set of libraries dedicated to a specific organization that mold the information highways of its organizational structure, allowing the core and its Components to communicate with and interact with each other.

Learn about the Treasury Splitter Component, which can be used to split and distribute funds among the Organization's Components.

Learn about the Inflation Manager Component, which an Organization can use to conduct any financial operation that needs to be executed in precise, automated, block-based intervals.

Learn about the Investments Manager Component, which an Organization can use to make and manage investments.

Learn about the Farming Manager Component, which can be used by an Organization to create and manage Covenant farming setups.

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