Change Delegation Uri

This Proposal can be used to change the Delegation uri. Implementing the DynamicMetadataCapableElement, the Delegation has a uri containing overall Delegation Metadata info.
The Proposal can be initialized with the data parameter executed by the lazyInit function:
function lazyInit(bytes memory lazyInitData) external returns(bytes memory lazyInitResponseData) {
require(keccak256(bytes(uri)) == keccak256(""));
(uri, lazyInitResponseData) = abi.decode(lazyInitData, (string, bytes));
require(keccak256(bytes(uri)) != keccak256(""));
(additionalUri, value) = abi.decode(lazyInitResponseData, (string, string));
lazyInitResponseData = "";
The lazyInit function contains the following data:
  • uri -> this can contain Proposal Metadata such as title, useful links, etc...
and then:
  • string additionalUri -> this can contain Proposal description, risks, benefits, and other information to describe the proposal behavior.
  • string value -> new Delegation uri.
The execute function has the Delegation perform the desired behavior, i.e. change the Delegation Uri via the setUri function.
function execute(bytes32) external {
Voting For This Proposal
This Proposal is an Host only Proposal.